Slowly, slowly, I’m starting to get the time and bandwidth to actually do something with all the video and photos we brought back from Iceland. This is a short film that I put together last week with footage from the Laugavegur trail, a hiking trail that links the steam-wreathed volcanic hills Landmannalaugar with the southern ice glaciers of Myrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. We rode it as an out-and-back trip, taking a lot less kit than we had been lugging about, and it was both the toughest and most memorable part of the trip. Those steep scree gulleys that you see us pushing the bikes out of? There were 30 or so of them on the first day, after which our arms were doing their best to just fall off and leave in protest. No, there were no elves hiding in the snow tunnel. Yes,the colours really did look like that. Yes, you should go there.

Follow the Waves

It’s nearly the shortest day of the year, so here’s a short film from back in the longest days of summer. Carrying our gear on the bikes, we explored the old roads and trails on the islands, crossing swords with midges, rain and wind to find golden beaches, empty trails and amazing sunsets.Roll on summer!

Red Travellin’ Socks

Look at a map, make some sammiches, set off on your bike and who knows where you’ll end up? Maybe there’ll be some company! Or maybe you’ll just fall in a bog, although such details are irrelevant… Thanks to Andy at Backcountrybiking for providiing the Revelate Designs kit, and Annie for standing in the middle of a river to get those ‘authentic’ shots.

Indian Summer

Back in early October I went for a few wee rides around Aviemore to make the most of the warmth before autumn came. It was good fun filming some of the ace little singletracks around here and putting them in a video, although the results of an afternoon out with the GoPro were a bit hit and miss, as I didn’t have a tripod and mostly relied on there being a convenient fork in a branch wherever I happened to want to film… I also discovered that the pressure of not looking like a spod on camera leads to higher speeds and wilder crashes!

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