Video: Red Travellin’ Socks

Look at a map, make some sammiches, set off on your bike and who knows where you’ll end up? Maybe there’ll be some company! Or maybe you’ll just fall in a bog, although such details are irrelevant… Thanks to Andy at Backcountrybiking for providiing the Revelate Designs kit, and Annie for standing in the middle of a river to get those ‘authentic’ shots. Continue reading Video: Red Travellin’ Socks

Scottish Enduro Series Rd 2 – Innerleithen

After the stormy start to the season at Nevis Range six weeks ago, the Poc Scottish Enduro Series travelled south at the weekend to the established venue of Innerleithen, home of long, physical stages and a local scene full of quick riders. With round 1 winner Joe Barnes only here for Saturday practice before leaving for Chile and the EWS opener, the series lead was … Continue reading Scottish Enduro Series Rd 2 – Innerleithen

A classic summer’s day in Lochaber

Sometimes, you get so fixated on finding new, better trails that you forget the quality rides that are sitting right in front of you. That elusive dream trail is still waiting out there somewhere, but in the meantime there are all the old favorites waiting for a chance to show you why you ride your bike again. In August I went with Seb to revisit … Continue reading A classic summer’s day in Lochaber

Tour des Cairngorms

When summertime does things properly around here, it feels almost rude not to make the most of every last minute of sunshine. Scottish summer nights can seem almost endless, and even when sitting inside having a post-ride cup of tea the evening sunlight streaming through the windows tells you to get straight back outside. To make the most of the amazing weather I decided to … Continue reading Tour des Cairngorms

Bluegrass International Enduro Tour, Kinlochleven

November 2012 saw the first ever round of competition at ‘God’s own trail centre’ of Kinlochleven with the inaugural This is Enduro Now race organised by No Fuss and the Dudes of Hazzard. Given the success of that race it was a surprise to see only around a third as many riders at the Bluegrass International event this weekend – June is typically a more … Continue reading Bluegrass International Enduro Tour, Kinlochleven