Cairngorm Cloud Giants

There are mountains, and then there are mountains. Ever since I first picked up a crayon, drew a triangle and gave it a wavy snowline halfway down (very funny, but no it wasn’t last week), I’ve been repeatedly amazed by the innumerable shapes, characters and idiosyncrasies of the many groups of mountains that are crammed into our little island. They change almost as quickly as … Continue reading Cairngorm Cloud Giants

British Cycling MTB Leader L3 assessment

Things are changing in the heady world of UK mountain bike leadership… With new qualifications, new remit limitations and acronyms breeding like rabbits; anyone could be forgiven for wondering what exactly it all means, and whether ‘TTPP’ is a cream used to treat embarrassing rashes. If that sounds familiar (the questions, not the rash), then read on for a brief explanation of the current choice … Continue reading British Cycling MTB Leader L3 assessment

Video: Red Travellin’ Socks

Look at a map, make some sammiches, set off on your bike and who knows where you’ll end up? Maybe there’ll be some company! Or maybe you’ll just fall in a bog, although such details are irrelevant… Thanks to Andy at Backcountrybiking for providiing the Revelate Designs kit, and Annie for standing in the middle of a river to get those ‘authentic’ shots. Continue reading Video: Red Travellin’ Socks

Tour des Cairngorms

When summertime does things properly around here, it feels almost rude not to make the most of every last minute of sunshine. Scottish summer nights can seem almost endless, and even when sitting inside having a post-ride cup of tea the evening sunlight streaming through the windows tells you to get straight back outside. To make the most of the amazing weather I decided to … Continue reading Tour des Cairngorms