Cairngorm Cloud Giants

There are mountains, and then there are mountains. Ever since I first picked up a crayon, drew a triangle and gave it a wavy snowline halfway down (very funny, but no it wasn’t last week), I’ve been repeatedly amazed by the innumerable shapes, characters and idiosyncrasies of the many groups of mountains that are crammed into our little island. They change almost as quickly as … Continue reading Cairngorm Cloud Giants

Video: Laugavegur

Slowly, slowly, I’m starting to get the time and bandwidth to actually do something with all the video and photos we brought back from Iceland. This is a short film that I put together last week with footage from the Laugavegur trail, a hiking trail that links the steam-wreathed volcanic hills Landmannalaugar with the southern ice glaciers of Myrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. We rode it as … Continue reading Video: Laugavegur

Iceland: South Coast and Eastern Fjords

Iceland: The South Coast and Eastern Fjords As we descended through thick cloud, sleepy and dry-throated from the flight, I found myself suddenly very much awake, staring childlike through the tiny EasyJet regulation cabin window, certain that any moment now the plane would break through a misty ceiling and a panoramic view of Iceland would be spread before me to replace the present soggy greyness. … Continue reading Iceland: South Coast and Eastern Fjords

Bikepacking at the edge of the ocean

There’s something exciting about Scotland’s islands. A place that stands alone, separated by the sea from the rest of Britain, and jutting even further out into the sea fog and wind on the north-western frontier of Europe, must by definition contain adventure; it just makes sense. The Outer Hebrides must be the most adventurous of the lot then, standing aloof from Scotland and usually shrouded … Continue reading Bikepacking at the edge of the ocean

Bluebird skies on the Ben

Me and Annie both took our winter mountain leader training at Glenmore Lodge recently, so after a week of criss-crossing the Northern Corries and learning some new skills we were enthusiastic to get out and practice further from home. This week was the first time in several months that high pressure has dominated Scotland, and it would have been downright rude not to take advantage … Continue reading Bluebird skies on the Ben