Alpenzaft and the Conville Trust

So far summer has been here, there and everywhere, sometimes even with a shower or a night indoors sneaked into the gaps, and only the odd moment of access to the internet and all the other things that don’t come included with life in a van. On the whole, it’s been pretty pleasant! Rounding out May and kicking off the summer was the much-anticipated EWS … Continue reading Alpenzaft and the Conville Trust

Bluebird skies on the Ben

Me and Annie both took our winter mountain leader training at Glenmore Lodge recently, so after a week of criss-crossing the Northern Corries and learning some new skills we were enthusiastic to get out and practice further from home. This week was the first time in several months that high pressure has dominated Scotland, and it would have been downright rude not to take advantage … Continue reading Bluebird skies on the Ben

Lawson, Ling and Glover’s Route, Beinn Eighe

Breaking the recent trend, the forecast this week has thrown up the odd island of calm in amongst all the Atlantic lows, especially in the North-West. After last-minute planning in the bar and optimistic interpretations of weather and avalanche forecasts, I left Glenmore at 6am on Tuesday, headed for Beinn Eighe with Patrick and Julia. Seize the day and all that jazz. Since Christmas it … Continue reading Lawson, Ling and Glover’s Route, Beinn Eighe

Cuillin Traverse, Part 1

I’m starting to wonder if North West Scotland’s reputation for miserable weather isn’t just a cunning plan to keep the crowds of tourists away – each time I’ve made the journey over the last couple of years I’ve met sunshine. There’s been cold and wind, but never the days of fog and drizzle that we’re told will probably get in the way of the fun. … Continue reading Cuillin Traverse, Part 1