I’m Huw. I like riding my bike, but then so do a lot of people.Better than just riding though, is the chance to take my bike somewhere new – somewhere unused to the crunch of tyres on the trail. Somewhere along the line, between leaving home for university and arriving in the ‘real’ world, life in the outdoors shuffled its way in to the driver’s seat, and I currently live in Aviemore, working as a freelance mountain bike guide, instructor and sometime writer. I have a weakness for places unexplored and hills unclimbed, and a competitive streak which means that I enjoy some racing from time to time.

In 2014, I spent six weeks riding unsupported around, over and across the Icelandic interior with my girlfriend, Annie. Some sort of chemical reaction must have happened (possibly brought about by eating all that instant mashed potato) because expedition plans haven’t stopped plaguing us since, and from November 2015 to January 2016 we pedalled through Patagonia to see what we could see. After a brief break, we returned to Iceland in March 2016, loaned fatbikes in hand, and rode the Kjolur mountain route through the interior.

This site has become a place to write down those inner monologues that get stuck upstairs, zooming around my head and generally making me sick of the sound of my own (internal) voice. I hope that there’s a decent story or two in there, some answers to questions – ‘can you make falafel in a jetboil..? – and I hope that some part of you is inspired to pull out the plug, grab the map and find some of these places yourself. They look better in real life!




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