A Complete Guide to Cycle Touring

When I try to explain what makes me want to pedal harder and explore further, it’s mostly just “uhh, you know, like umm…” These guys do a much better job, with some cracking photos to boot. Thanks Nomads!

The Wandering Nomads

How To Begin

1) Buy (or acquire) a bike.
2) Pick a direction.
3) Go.

It’s as simple as that. You will figure out what foods work best for you once you hit the road, just as you will figure out how amazing people are once you experience your first homestay with a stranger. Cycle touring is one of those things which you just can’t plan, because any plan you make is sure to change a hundred times over. Go out with a sense of openness and adventure, ready to wake up in a new place everyday, and I promise you that everything will work out. Don’t listen to the voices in your head (or the voices of those around you) telling you that you can’t do it, because it’s only impossible to those who have never tried.

A Day On The Road

Wake up in the morning and eat…

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