Bicycling Iceland

Storytime from Annie about that time we went pedalling in Vikingland.

A Girl Outside


Iceland, a land of ice and fire, of changing landscape, black ashes and raging rivers. Of savage storms, both sand and rain and vast emptiness. And all just an easy jet flight from Edinburgh. How better to experience it than by bike! The plan was hatched to ride from Keflavic heading east, we would do the first part on road, and then head into the interior on the gravel roads and get into the more remote areas. We both took our mountain bikes, mine with a mixture of pannier and revelate bikepacking gear, Huw went with just the revelate kit. Of course this meant that my bike, even with careful packing was by far the heavier which lead to a few minor disagreements on the way 😉 The first few days we pedalled through the mad lunar lavascapes. Very open and exposed there seemed little vegetation apart from moss and…

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