A night in the woods

There is an unwritten rule that a new tent must be christened, bedded in, or however else you might choose to describe it. At this point I have to confess a sin- having bought a new tent several weeks ago as part of the preparations for going to Iceland for a month in August, me and Annie have unforgivably neglected to pop it up on the lawn, spill tea inside it and ultimately spend the first night underneath its canvas before retreating back to the house for breakfast. You always do these things with a new tent, it’s the rules. To try and make things good then, we packed up and rode up one of the nearby glens while filming some evening footage for a little bike-packing video that’s currently in post-production… When I say post-production, I mean seeing if there any clips where the camera stays still enough to make out what’s actually going on. The tent is a Terra Nova Trisar 2 XL; effectively a stable 2-person tent, with the bonus of a huge porch, which should be a bonus if there’s a need to sit out bad weather for a day or two in the Icelandic Highlands. It pitched easily enough, and because we’re both used to miniscule 1-person tents with not headroom it felt like a palace inside. We lucked out with a full moon, chilly evening air and not a soul to be seen beside the river, apart from an estate vehicle with a VERY bright spotlight which travelled up the other side of the glen in the early hours. You really don’t have to go far around here to have a nice night off in the woods!

IMG_1361_2 copy




IMG_1351 copy



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