Video: Red Travellin’ Socks

Look at a map, make some sammiches, set off on your bike and who knows where you’ll end up? Maybe there’ll be some company! Or maybe you’ll just fall in a bog, although such details are irrelevant… Thanks to Andy at Backcountrybiking for providiing the Revelate Designs kit, and Annie for standing in the middle of a river to get those ‘authentic’ shots. Continue reading Video: Red Travellin’ Socks

Welcome back to

Originally posted on scenicpees:
After a bit of a hiatus, is once again purveying pictures of pees in perfect places. ? Please submit any scenic pees you have using the Contact Us form below. ? For now, here’s Harry and his moustache off Sail in the Lake District. ? Harry, Sail, Lake District, November 2013 ? If you fancy donating¬†¬£2 to join team… Continue reading Welcome back to