Indian Summer

Back in early October I went for a few wee rides around Aviemore to make the most of the warmth before autumn came. It was good fun filming some of the ace little singletracks around here and putting them in a video, although the results of an afternoon out with the GoPro were a bit hit and miss, as I didn’t have a tripod and mostly relied on there being a convenient fork in a branch wherever I happened to want to film… I also discovered that the pressure of not looking like a spod on camera leads to higher speeds and wilder crashes!

It’s a good job I got out and about while I could – this week the Cairngorms look like this:


2 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Think I’ll be saving the Glenlivet trip for the Spring then… Nice video. Havn’t ridden much around Aviemore, just a day around the Rothirmercus trails. Need to explore more nexy year!

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