Bluegrass International Enduro Tour, Kinlochleven

November 2012 saw the first ever round of competition at ‘God’s own trail centre’ of Kinlochleven with the inaugural This is Enduro Now race organised by No Fuss and the Dudes of Hazzard. Given the success of that race it was a surprise to see only around a third as many riders at the Bluegrass International event this weekend – June is typically a more … Continue reading Bluegrass International Enduro Tour, Kinlochleven

Cuillin Traverse, Part 1

I’m starting to wonder if North West Scotland’s reputation for miserable weather isn’t just a cunning plan to keep the crowds of tourists away – each time I’ve made the journey over the last couple of years I’ve met sunshine. There’s been cold and wind, but never the days of fog and drizzle that we’re told will probably get in the way of the fun. … Continue reading Cuillin Traverse, Part 1